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The American Baptist Churches of Iowa and Minnesota

Our Mission and Vision

Working Together – Building Up the Body


The Mission and Vision Statement

Of the Mid-American Baptist Churches


Our Mission

Called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to embody and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ as Lord, Mid-American Baptist Churches is a covenanting association of American Baptist churches in Minnesota and Iowa.  We are interdependent and diverse congregations and individuals working and praying together to build up the Body of Christ.


Our Vision

As prayerful stewards of God’s resources and in partnership with others we commit to:

(in no particular priority)

■        Nurturing individuals to excel in leadership by

      Assisting in the identification and recruitment of quality church leadership

      Caring for professional church leaders

      Training and equipping leaders to face the challenges of presenting the Good News in new and varied ways

■        Providing enrichment opportunities for spiritual formation by

      Offering quality camps, conferences and other events

      Celebrating our American Baptist heritage and continuing to develop our American Baptist identity

■        Encouraging biblical reflection and action by

      Supporting individuals and churches in identifying and responding to justice issues

      Engaging in dialogue with other people of faith

      Modeling authentic Christian community

■        Nurturing ministries and mission by

      Planting new churches/ministries

      Promoting stewardship of life and ministry

      Encouraging and equipping congregations for transformation in our changing world

      Challenging and providing opportunities for individuals and churches to engage in mission

      Providing an effective network for communication and ministry


Phone: 515.278.1411      Fax: 515.278.5865      
Mid-American Baptist Churches   2400 86th Street (Suite 15)    Des Moines IA 50322