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Steps Toward Ordination

in Mid-American Baptist Churches


1.  Contact the Mid-ABC office to receive an information packet

2.  Participate in an Introductory Meeting at the Mid-ABC office in Des Moines.  

Introductory Meetings are scheduled several times each year.  This is an opportunity to be introduced to American Baptist Churches and Mid-ABC, as well as to learn about the ordination process.  Mid-ABC staff and a representative from the Ordination Commission will meet with interested persons individually to hear their educational and ministry background, explain the ordination standards and procedures, and answer questions.  The meeting takes about an hour.   

3.  Become licensed by the ordaining church.

4.  Establish a mentoring relationship with an ABC pastor

5.  Complete a candidacy assessment with Midwest Ministry Development Center or equivalent agency

6.  Place your profile with American Baptist Personnel Services

7.  Provide evidence of having taken an approved course in American Baptist History & Polity

8.  Submit verification of your ministry and educational background (transcripts and/or letters)

9.  Meet with an Ordination Commission.  Share with them through a written paper (2 or more pages) your faith journey and call

10.  Understand and sign the Ministerial Code of Ethics

11.  Complete any remaining ordination requirements

12.  Prepare an ordination paper according to Commission guidelines

13.  Schedule a second meeting with the Ordination Commission to present your ordination paper and be examined

14.  Upon recommendation of the Commission, schedule a service of ordination.


* For a comprehensive description of requirements and process see Procedures for Ordination in Mid-ABC.   Steps and requirements for ABC recognition of a previous ordination are similar and would need to be determined by the Ordination Commission.  


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Published by Mid-ABC's Nurturing Professional Leadership Team (2005)





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