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Executive Minister

Rev. Jacquline “Jackie” L. Saxon grew up in Rochester, New York and was nurtured in the faith
by the members of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church where she was baptized at 12 years old. She
attended Howard University and received a Bachelor of Business Administration with an
emphasis in Finance Banking. She began her career as a Financial Analyst at IBM in Endicott,
New York and soon found herself being transferred to Austin, Texas where she soon became an
Advisory Financial Analyst. While working for IBM, she began to contemplate attending seminary
and pursing a life as a minister. It was a seed that had been planted in her youth while
attending the New York State Girls Guild Conference (now known as ABGirls) every summer and
nurtured as an adult by active membership as a layperson in ABCUSA churches in both New York
and Texas.
After much prayer, discernment and 12 ½ years of work experience, Jackie resigned from IBM
and enrolled as a full-time student and Presidential Scholar at Austin Presbyterian Theological
Seminary where she earned her Master of Divinity degree. It was while she was a seminarian
that University Baptist Church of Austin called her to be their Associate Pastor and upon
graduation promptly ordained her in 2001. She was their Associate Pastor for eight years when
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary invited her to be the Admission Counselor Recruiter
which led to becoming the Vice President for Student Affairs and Vocation, which she served in
that capacity for a total of eight years before resigning in March of 2017.
In May of 2017, she walked the Way of St. James also known as the Camino de Santiago; a
500-mile Pilgrimage that started in St. Jean Pied de Port, France and ended in Santiago de
Compostela located in the northwest coast of Spain. In the last two years she has completed this
pilgrimage twice as well as the coastal route that starts in Portugal. She is currently finishing a
manuscript about her experiences to be published at a later date.
She once described herself as “swimming in waters that were not her own as a ‘Bapti-method-
terian’” because she found herself in the company of not only Baptist congregations but
Methodist as well as Presbyterian, preaching, teaching and leading workshops.
She is a gifted leader with proven competencies in Administration, Pastoral Care, Financial
Management, Preaching and Public speaking, just to name a few. Her creativity, humor,
imagination, teamwork, and collegiality are very much appreciated among her colleagues and
In October of 2018 she called to be the Executive Minister for the Mid-American Region of Iowa
and Minnesota. She says that she traded one capital city for another. She now resides in the Des
Moines, Iowa area and is learning all about the Midwest. She is delighted to have the
opportunity to serve the Iowa and Minnesota ABCUSA Family in this capacity.

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